Episode 6

Published on:

20th Jan, 2024

Episode 5

Published on:

19th Jan, 2024

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About the Podcast

Creative Mind Gymnastics
Unlocking Creativity and Resilience
Welcome to "Creative Mind Gymnastics: The Art of Surviving," the forward-thinking podcast series presented by Susanne and Steffen Rolla. Our podcast is a unique fusion of creativity, innovation, personal expression, and growth, crafted for individuals and teams who seek to expand their creative horizons.

Embracing Modern Technology
In our vision to transcend traditional podcasting boundaries, we have incorporated synthetic voices, reflecting our commitment to technological evolution in creative expression. This modern twist not only rejuvenates our content but also aligns with our mission to explore new frontiers in digital art and communication.

What Can You Expect?
Each week, dive into episodes that blend creative thinking with effective problem-solving, resilience, and adaptability. Narrated by synthetic voices, our podcasts offer a unique listening experience designed to inspire and empower. You'll receive practical tips, profound insights, and stimulating discussions aimed at nurturing both personal and professional growth.

For Individuals and Teams
Our versatile content supports your personal creative journey and enhances team dynamics. We provide exercises for self-reflection, "Creative Resilience," to boost your creativity, and activities designed to enhance your imaginative capabilities and personal expressiveness. Topics range from overcoming creative blocks to utilizing creativity as a stress-relief tool.

Interactive and Inclusive Community
"Creative Mind Gymnastics: The Art of Surviving" is more than a podcast—it's an interactive platform. We encourage our listeners to engage, share experiences, and contribute to our growing creative community, facilitated by our use of innovative synthetic voice technology.

Weekly Themes for Inspiration
Each episode revolves around a specific theme, guiding you through the week with focus and intention. Our themes promote "Creative Resilience" and enhance your imaginative capabilities, helping you navigate from productivity-boosting Mondays to reflective Sundays, ensuring a balanced and enriching experience.

Embark on this exciting journey with us, Susanne and Steffen Rolla, as we delve into creativity, problem-solving, and the latest in digital voice technology. Discover the potential of synthetic voices and their role in fostering innovation and resilience. Tune in to "Creative Mind Gymnastics: The Art of Surviving" – a modern podcast for cultivating creativity, personal expression, and creative development, both individually and in teams.

About your host

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Steffen Rolla

Steffen Rolla, born in 1965 in Hannover, has been a significant figure in the creative and communications field, currently residing in Dortmund since 2011. With a career that launched in 1991, Rolla initially spearheaded a successful communication agency until 2011, demonstrating a keen expertise in blending creative vision with strategic communication.

In 2009, Rolla channeled his passion for creativity into founding the geistreich Akademie, an online platform dedicated to fostering creative skills and innovative thinking. As an author and co-host of the "Creative Mind Gymnastics: The Art of Surviving" podcast, he brings this wealth of experience in communication and creative strategies to the forefront.

Rolla's approach goes beyond traditional artistic expression; he focuses on the dynamics of human interactions and the exploration of creative processes, making him a thought leader in applying creative thinking to solve complex problems. His insights are instrumental in guiding listeners through the intricacies of creativity and resilience, making him a pivotal voice in the podcast and a mentor to those looking to enhance their communicative and creative prowess.